Jun 24, 2009

Katrina:Actors of same age have same mentality

Katrina Kaif is back in town and promoting her latest movie New York where she is paired opposite two young co-stars John Abraham and Neil Nitin Mukesh.

Katrina recently said, “I’ve too much energy and I don’t know what to do with it.”

When quizzed the reason behind her energy is working with co-stars of her age group, she says, “I think so. It allows you to have a certain comfort level,” says Kat. “When you’re working with somebody so senior, who has achieved so much and has done 89 films, those backslapping moments aren’t there. That does not mean that you have to backslap your co-stars, not at all. But with actors my age, our mentality is the same. There’s the ‘been there, done that’ element with the seniors. So, while I may be going yackety-yak and blah blah, Akshay (Kumar) may just tell me, ‘Oh Katrina, please go talk to Jenny (his trainer from London)’. And there were times when I asked Akshay, ‘Can I take Jenny with me?’ And he was like, ‘Please, please, go. For me. Please!’ It’s different when the person whom you’re going yackety-yak with talks back to you and enjoys it. Your wavelength is the same.”

Recently Katrina paid a visit to Ajmer Sharif ki Dargah clad in a Burkha to pray for the success of her upcoming flick New York.

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